We are children of the Goddess (How to heal your Inner Child)

Over the years I have continued to give my power away to teachers, family members, my husband, friends and students by having certain expectations on them, mainly wanting them to give me acknowledgement and tell me that I am doing well, but also by being attached to certain outcomes. 

A deep seated need for appreciation from others has roots in feeling separated from God/Goddess in many life times/parallel Universes that are playing out right now. 
Asking for acknowledgement from the outside is a reflection of a lack of self love, thinking there is something wrong with me, that I am not enough, and that I am not lovable...

I increasingly see my own self-worth and magic. I know that I have unique gifts and talents just as everyone else has. And I now understand, that these gifts don’t have to be validated by anyone other than by myself. 

Additionally to that, if we work with people it is easy to fall into the trap of wanting to fix them, make them better and with that making ourselves feel better. Being attached to this outcome means that we make them wrong and don't love them unconditionally. 

How we can make the biggest difference is to accept people exactly where they are at, love them and don’t expect them to change in they way we think is right. If change is what they are looking for then it is their decision when to start and how they do it. Lead by example and through that show others their own magical light within. 

The main beautiful challenge we face is healing ourselves and the biggest part of this is to heal the relationship with our inner children. 

To let them know that they are very much loved and that they are perfect exactly as they are. Make them feel safe, so that they don't feel the need of controlling. Allow them to be completely present, play, be creative and express themselves in many ways.

Please know, that you are on your path, always have been and always will be!

Anyone who tells you otherwise might be projecting onto you and is attached to an outcome. So rather than feeling offended see this as a wonderful gift to empower yourself.

You have everything you need and you are exactly where you are meant to be on your journey. 

Find your tribe, spend time with people, who inspire you. But never underestimate your inner wisdom and find your own ways to connect to the Divine Mother, whose essence resides within you.

So more you realise this, so more you will be in your power, gracefully and with an open heart that's filled with trust and faith.

Life will become more joyful and effortless, opportunities will come up, doors will open and more and more magic will unfold....beyond your wildest imagination!

I invite you to choose to love yourself every moment a little bit more and sing from the bottom of your heart:

I am the Light of the Soul

I am bountiful
I am beautiful
I am blissful

I am, I am!!!!!

Shine bright, spread your wings and vibrate on the highest frequency of love.

"Let go of your attachments, let go of your confusion and fly to that space that’s beyond all illusion."  Shimshai 

And we will All be there, waiting for you with open arms.

We are the children of love, the children of the Goddess and I wish for all of us that we can be more accepting of each other, have loving relationship without competitiveness and celebrate each others’ successes.