Gong Relaxation

A Gong relaxation, also called Gong bath, principally brings about the transition of cellular re-alignment through the medium of sound. Whether a physical, mental or spiritual problem the pure penetrating sound waves of the healing gong will enable you to break free of old patterns and re-generate and re-balance yourself. 

Working within all the parameters of the body there is nowhere that the resonance of the healing gong cannot penetrate. It will bypass the mind and go straight to the root of the problem. 

A gong bath can be between 20-45 min long involving the participants to lay comfortably on the floor so that they can completely relax and let go.

One of the most beautiful gifts I have given to myself.  Anything that can calm my monkey mind and its idle chatter is most welcome!  The Gong Bath did this subtlety and gently as the sounds are difficult for the mind to process, almost forcing it to surrender and ensuring the mind is quiet.  To be able to completely relax, unwind and let go was incredible. 
I left the session with my mind, body and spirit feeling tranquil, at peace and lighter throughout the day.  Maren is an remarkable teacher, ensuring wellbeing and serenity through her calming voice and instruction.  This is something to be highly recommended and incorporated into anyone’s spiritual journey.  A huge blessing – thank you!! 
— Clair, London

Shamanic Sound Journey

For this journey I combine the sacred gong with shamanic drums and my voice in order to restore harmony in body, mind and spirit. Each organism and everything in the Universe has its own frequency and sound is a wonderful way to bring you back “into tune”.

After setting a personal intention you will experience specific sound vibrations that will bring you into a deep state of relaxation in which you might find clarity, physical healing, guidance, a letting go of fears etc.

On a physical level your brain waves will slow down to a Theta state, which one usually only achieves in a deep state of meditation. A magical experience that will leave you refreshed and excited for life.