A celebration of Spirit - of loving you.

The festive season is upon us and I would like to invite you, independent from what faith, religion or culture you associate with, to remember and celebrate your Spirit and the unique journey you are on in this time of "the new dawn".

The fact that you walk this Earth in human form right now means that your energy is invaluable for the great shift in consciousness, the ascension process, 2nd coming of Christ...

The light in many of us is increasing rapidly as the seeds, that Christ and other enlightened masters have sown are flourishing.

This process illuminates the darkness and brings up everything that is not in balance. Whilst things at the moment seem to be worse than ever, know that this is part of a great cleansing process, the "big purge" necessary for healing.

A "healed" Earth and 'healed' humanity means to me, that the feminine and masculine energies are in perfect balance. To contribute to this harmony we need to look at a possible imbalance within us. The masculine energy is focused, action oriented and manifests, whereas the feminine is like a vast ocean, nurturing and receptive. It is important to know ourselves well! Which one of those two energies is prominent in us and how can we bring them into unity. 

I personally have a lot of masculine energy, which helps me to get things done, manifest and lead others. Therefore it is important for me to remember to be patient, not force things to happen and to be receptive. I try to engage in activities that help me to connect to the Sacred Feminine such as working with female archetypes and the Goddesses that are associated with certain feminine qualities:

Mary Magdalene for unconditional love and sacred union
Isis for for Rebirth and sacred womb wisdom
Spider Woman for creation and weaving of new stories
(and there are so many more).

Balancing the chakras and residing in loving awareness in our hearts will help us to connect to our Spirit, enabling a direct connection to our soul and she will guide us.   

When I feel disconnected and unbalanced I call on my guides. All of us have a group of allies, that are at our service, some of them known, others unknown to us:
Archangels, Angels, Power Animals, Ascended Masters, Ancestors, Nature Spirits and the list goes on.

You can connect with them through shamanic journeying, ceremony, meditation, nature walks, art, music, plant medicine and prayer. Messages can come through images, feelings, knowing, audible messages and even a particular smell. Everyone is different and there is no right or wrong way. Just make sure your rational mind is out of the picture here. Trust yourself!

Walk on this earth gently, lead by example, try to leave everyone you encounter in a happier place, share your wisdom and gifts and most importantly:

Be yourself. That's your only mission, which if accomplished will make a massive contribution to the energetic shift, that is happening on this planet right now. 

I wish you from the bottom of my heart a wonderful celebration of Spirit, of your magnificent self.

"All I ask of you is forever to remember you as loving you, loving you. Ishq Allah, Mabudh Lillah" (Sufi chant)

You are loved beyond your wildest imagination!!!!!