"My spiritual journey, or better the time when I changed the way I live my life, started when I realised that my job as a Social Worker with Teenagers in Care in Central London completely overwhelmed me." 


Because of the pressure I was facing from management and the challenging nature of my work, I more and more neglected my emotional and physical wellbeing and hadn't even considered my spiritual development at all. Weekends were spent numbing myself with drugs and alcohol, not leaving much time or mental space for any reflections. 

At that point I hadn't appreciated, that I won't be of much help for anyone if I myself were not well. But thankfully I was aware enough to realise that I wasn’t happy at all and that things had to change!

I took a sabbatical in 2009 and travelled in India and South East Asia. This was the first time that I got involved in any type of Yoga and Meditation. Although my mother had embarked on a spiritual journey as a Healer years before that, I didn't concern myself much with spirituality. However finally there I was in India, exploring ashrams, yoga centres and you name it.

After 10 months of travelling I returned to London via Germany, where I introduced my partner at the time *(Kris) to my mother. It was Kris, who said to me "Why don't you try a session with your mum?" And so I did, slightly reluctant. That was when my conscious journey really started.

Back in London, inspired by our travels and full of idealistic ideas, Kris and I decided to open a school for girls, who struggle in mainstream education. Although we could have made this school work, our business partner turned out to be very controlling if not threatening and after only a few months we decided to hand the business over to him. This experience left me with the feeling that I failed on all levels - failed myself, the girls and Kris, who had invested in the business financially and emotionally. I hit rock bottom, lost my confidence and had no idea what to do next. 

And that was when Kundalini Yoga found me in 2011 through my dear friend and angel Natalie, who has always been a bit of a catalyst in my life. You will also have at least one of these angels in your life... Look around! 

I started going to classes and only a few months later I enrolled for the Kundalini Yoga teacher training. From that day I immersed myself completely in transformational work and haven’t really stopped since.

I completed my level 1 and 2 of the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and taught full time at various studios in London and on international retreats.

With my Kundalini Yoga practice everything changed: my belief systems, my diet, my social circle, my interests and my general understanding of what life is all about (-:

I re-gained self confidence and self worth. I found something I really loved doing and most importantly I knew, that I could make a massive difference in peoples' lives.

Whilst I was completing my already challenging level 2 in Kundalini Yoga I decided I had to go to experience the work of Peruvian Shamans in the Andes using plant medicine in 2013. This gave me just another piece of the puzzle and left no more doubt in my mind, that the universal force is pure love. 

And when something works for me, then I have to share it! I believe that Kundalini Yoga as well as Shamanic Practices are highways in Spirituality. Both are very ancient practices that couldn't be more perfect for our recent times. 

We need something that works fast and we need to get a move on, right? Things are not looking too good right now!

Trying to solve the world's problems on our own will be nothing but overwhelming, but looking after ourselves and bringing wholeness and balance into our lives and through that to those close to us is the most powerful thing we can do! 

Challenges will come our way, that's a given, but as soon as we start recognising all of those experiences as beautiful learning opportunities and seeing that universal force of love in everything, things become much easier. Let's go with the flow, live joyful lives together and help others to do the same. AHO! 


My skill set:

KRI certified Level I and Level II Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher with over 5 years experience of full time teaching at Yoga Studios in London.

Experienced Shamanic Work in Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, the UK, Sri Lanka, Germany and NZ.  

Qualified Social Worker with training in Substance Abuse, Stress and Anxiety, Depression, Self Harming etc.

Years of experience of facilitating retreats in various places in Europe, Sri Lanka and Central America. 

Combination of ancient practices from different spiritual traditions to guide and empower whoever feels drawn to my offerings. 

Cacao Practitioner to facilitate Shamanic journeys that will connect you with your Spirit guides, Inner Child, Higher Self, Ancestors and all those, who will be beneficial for your healing. 

Sharer of ancient womb wisdom, that will reawaken the Sacred Feminine in those, who feel disempowered. So that the circle of women may go on....

I aim to guide you in a playful, creative and equally powerful way, so you can experience deep healing and at the same time learn tools that will accelerate your growth. 

I am passionate about helping others achieve emotional, physical and spiritual balance and unlock their creative potential by offering a safe space to relax, expand, heal and most importantly ENJOY!

My offerings are: 

Shamanic Cacao Ceremonies

Womb Healing Ceremonies 

Women’s Circles

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation 

Sound Healing and Medicine Songs

Energy Healing

Individual and Group Retreats

Life Coaching

Life event ceremonies 


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