Akehela Aho! All is good, thank you.

This truly has been a turbulent year of laughing, crying, screaming, dancing, ecstatic bliss, letting go, deep loving and so much more and it ain't over yet....

Wow!!!!! Thank you Universe for all that I have been blessed to experience. Some of your messages were subtle, some totally in my face, Some, I still haven't figured out, but all I know is:


I know many of you are deeply worried about the state the world is in, but I invite you to to be observers, who observe with compassion and forgiveness rather than to get upset, judgemental and hopeless.

Mother Earth is a multi dimensional being expressing herself in a physical body. She could swallow us all up in one second if she wanted to. She knows exactly what she is doing and that is asking us to remember WHO WE TRULY ARE!

So stop polluting your mind with fear based news, predictions of doom and gloom, stop spreading negativity, because that makes you part of the problem. Stop looking on the outside for answers, stop blaming and shaming, stop making yourself small, because YOU ARE NOT SMALL! YOU ARE EVERYTHING! YOU ARE GOD/GODDESS and that makes everything possible for you, always.

What you are seeing out there is you being polluted inside, you are burning inside. Surely this is becoming unbearable by now. So WAKE UP to the eternal love that is your essence and shine as bright as the sun, so we can lift each other up and ALL RISE UP TOGETHER!

Phew, highly charged words. I know, but they wanted to come out. Please know that I love you very much wherever you are at in your journey.