Letting go of someone you love

I have worked with so many people, who told me about problems in their relationships and the big questions always seems to be:

When do we actually know it is time to end a relationship?

It is helpful to ask ourselves, what is our motivation to stay? It might be that we care so deeply about the other person, that it is hard to imagine a life without them. It could be a lack of courage, fear of being on our own, financial worries, a fear that suddenly our ex-partner will flourish and we wished we had stayed around to experience this.

There are so many reasons that hold us back from making that step and admitting to ourselves that we are not doing each other a favour by staying together. 

Ultimately we have to ask ourselves if we are happy in our relationship, do we feel supported, loved, inspired, desired and respected?

When things are not going too well then it is important not to blame, shame or feel guilty. It always takes two....

There might be a lingering feeling of failure, thinking we have wasted time. We put so much hope into this relationship. This is "the one"! And it surely was the one for a certain period of time.

As my teacher Keith Wilson says "you are always with the perfect lover"!

We have possibly been at points before where we had enough, but for one reason or the other we stayed together.
If things don't improve then feelings of resentment will creep in and you might think: I have done everything I could, I have been so patient, I have helped them to grow, I have forgiven over and over again....

But that's not the point, because they could possibly say exactly the same about you.

All there is to do is to say a big "Thank you", cry as many tears as you need to and wish them a wonderful future.

Remember you are never on your own, although you might feel incredibly lonely at times. And if you end up back on your friend's sofa for a little while, then that's ok, because that's what family is for.... 

In the not too distant future you will see the blessing in cutting the cords to this particular person. You might be quite shocked to see into how many unhelpful patterns you got whilst being with them. But that's ok, because we are here to experience it all! The whole spectrum of polarities.

Often you are brought together with a person, possibly your soul mate, in this life time once again to heal an unhealthy relationship that you might have had with them in a previous life. You are given another opportunity to empower yourself by letting go of this person you love.

Set them free and set yourself free even more importantly.

Use the high energies we are experiencing at this particular time on our planet to spread your wings and fly magical soul!

You are doing an amazing job at "pretending to be human".

It is exciting to live in a human form, but it is not always easy.

Don't forget there are plenty of souls around you who see you properly, they see your magic and remind you of who you truly are.  

Remember.......!!!! That ocean of love, which you are always connected to, but now there is also the "You" a cluster of consciousness with limitless opportunities to create, create, create! And that is the greatest gift anyone could ever receive.

So lift yourself out of your dramas by accessing a third consciousness that equally loves and embraces all polarities, seeing that they are all part of the One.

Weave a new story you beautiful creator. What would you like to experience? The best way to start is weaving a beautiful relationship with yourself. Treat yourself and your inner chid exactly how you wish to be treated. If old stories keep pulling you back into the drama then re-write them. 

Choose another time line by changing the way how you feel about a certain situation. Change your present and future by changing your past!

Take a deep breath and find yourself in a new empowered space, where more karmic bonds have been released.   

Stay in your heart my friend. This is where I see you and you see me... Properly!!!! We are One. 

And always remember:

You are loved beyond your wildest imagination!!!!!