Individual Retreats…

“What a transformational and healing experience! Thank you Maren!

I stayed with Maren in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala for 8 days, I knew it was going to be a healing experience but it was so much more than that! You welcomed me into your home and nurtured me during this process of internal transformation. You shared your healing tools; daily Kundalini yoga, healing cacao ceremonies, gong baths, music and singing, and invited friends and local traditional healing into my time there, like the magical Mayan Fire Ceremony and meeting Izaias & Izabel.

Thank you so much for being the most nurturing guide and uplifting me while I was there, reminding me how to be joy-full!  I cannot recommend a retreat with Maren more, this is a must! If you are thinking about it, just go for it! It will be so transformative and healing!” 


“I stayed with Maren for 3 weeks in their magical place on Lake Atitlan. 

San Marcos itself had an incredible healing energy and it started my on a journey the moment I arrived. 

Maren hosted me in such a warm and comfortable setting where I felt completely accepted and cared for. 

I did a shamanic womb healing with Maren that was truly transformative. Not only did I overcome my life long fear of spiders during it, but I also came away feeling empowered to step into my power as a woman and weave my own story in this life - just like spider herself. 

I couldn’t recommend a stay with Maren enough. You will be blown away!” - Ella

“I had the pleasure to come and stay with the beautiful spiritual warrior Maren in Guatemala and had the most magical, transformative time in the most lovingly held safe space I could have asked for! I cannot recommend enough taking some time out and going to spend some time there and how beautiful and life changing it truly was.

Thank you so much to Maren for making me feel so loved and welcomed, like family, into a space where I was truly able to be myself and go through my process with so much love and support.

From transformational kundalini yoga, cacao, Gong baths, medicine songs, ceremonies to supportive friendship and magic retreating out of the everyday bustle into this magical space she has created gave me so much more than I ever expected or ever could have asked for. - Amy

Group Retreats...

Video Testimonial by Jayne Spenceley after our Dark Goddess Retreat in 2019 at the Inner Guidance Retreat Centre in Suffolk:

And another testimonial for the Dark Goddess Retreat by Carmen Rendell

Going to the women's retreat Maren held in NZ was life transforming, I had been spiritual most of my life, however through life and traumatic events lost my belief and closed myself off from this part of me.

At first a little wary the weekend unfolded with love, music, meditation and spiritual messages for all of us, the messages and cards were consistent throughout the weekend for each person, there was no denying the spiritual presence that was in abundance for all of us.” - Sandi

''Maren is an admirable and Amazonian-like yoga teacher who also feels refreshingly down to earth and ‘real’. Though Kundalini yoga isn’t my first choice, I loved her classes on the marvellously deserted beach at Sen Wellness in Sri Lanka and would happily recommend her teaching to others." - Caroline Sylger Jones, travel journalist and the founder of Queen of Retreats

"During my first retreat in Sri Lanka Maren introduced me to the life transforming discipline of Kundalini yoga and enchanting powers of Cacao. She is an incredible human being with all of the knowledge and compassion to help you on your journey'' - Paul


Joyful Living Course....

“What an inspiring and supportive 6 week course this was! Seeing Maren once a week was always an anchor and a highlight... doing this course came at a perfect time for me as I felt like I was stagnating with my daily practice and my growth. With the tools Maren shared with me, the daily kundalini practice and all of the ceremonies I truly feel I learnt a lot about myself and levelled up my inner stability, self love, and acceptance. Highly recommend this course, for whatever stage of life you are in, you will be guided right where you need to be." - Lucy 

“I had been experiencing women’s health issues for approx. 10 years which reached a pivotal point towards the end of 2017. The effect on my physical and mental wellbeing had taken its toll and I was exhausted, depleted, seriously overweight and feeling hopeless and anxious about everything in my life. I was fortunate to come across a newsletter that had a section about Maren Lander. I had a look at Marens website and learned about her and the work she was doing. I was particularly intrigued by her Joyful Living course. At first I felt that I probably wasn’t the right person for this, so after several hours and three visits to her website I decided to go for it and emailed her. It was the best thing I ever did! Meeting Maren has truly been a blessing, she has helped me to transform in ways I never imagined. I now understand that life is a magical adventure and I am living joyfully. As early as I can remember I had been stuck in a constant state of obsessive compulsiveness, fear, worry, anxiety, self doubt and incessant harsh self–criticism. I am amazed at how quickly I transformed into what my husband describes as a totally different person. I found the beautiful person I am. I understand the importance of treating myself with kindness, compassion and acceptance. Because I am kinder to myself it is so much easier to find the good in others, seeing through their anger, frustrations and fears to realise that they too are just experiencing those same crippling feelings I used to. Ive found it much easier not to react to situations feeling now that so much just doesn’t matter at all when it used to have such a negative impact on my wellbeing. Maren has helped me to find pleasure in solitude, beauty in nature and peace within myself. Maren is a beautiful human, with boundless energy, being in her presence is richly rewarding and healing. If you are intrigued by the Joyful Living course just go for it, it will be the best thing you do for yourself. - Amanda


Kundalini Yoga...

"Maren helped me to change the course of my life in the most beautiful and empowering way. Six years ago, I sat in front of her for the first time for my first Kundalini Yoga class. I was an overworked, stressed out stock broker with a work hard, play hard mentality. Maren drew me in with her strength, her humour and her clear commitment to her students and the teachings. She quite simply inspires you to be the best you can be, to work through blocks, engage your creativity and clear the path for greater things. Six years later I am a full time Kundalini Yoga Teacher and have fulfilled my dream to work alongside Maren at one of her retreats. Don't underestimate the power of her teachings, be it Kundalini Yoga, Sound Healing or Meditation. She really can help you transform and become the best version of YOU. What more could you ask from a teacher?" - Candace

"I have found indescribable peace and fulfilment through kundalini yoga, under Maren's guidance. The practice has had a transformative effect on my creative output as well as broadened the range of possibilities I experience in my life. Thank you Maren for being such a powerful catalyst in this transition and for inspiring all those around you." - Rachel


Shamanic Cacao Ceremony...

"I had been working with cacao for a while and had been to a couple of other cacao ceremonies by the time I went to Maren’s. But I can tell you that never before have I felt so safe and supported as I did during Maren’s beautiful ceremony. She radiates kindness and wisdom and is so approachable and warm! She puts the whole thing into a really powerful context by telling you her story and how she came to find cacao. This allowed all of us to understand with more clarity how cacao can work with anyone on any level. This kind of context really adds a new dimension to a cacao ceremony. She adds shamanic drumming and other tools which help everybody go much deeper into their visualisations. I always find myself going into a complete trance when attending one of Maren’s ceremonies! I’m really sad that Maren’s no longer around in London as I would attend these on a regular basis to help shift blocks and find my purpose in this life." - Ellie

"I did not know what to expect from a cacao ceremony but knew that with Maren, who is such a wonderful guide, teacher and person, that it would be an amazing experience and it was. So much so, that I booked for all the cacao ceremonies she offered (and a private one!) while she was in London. I found the cacao ceremonies with Maren to be a magical, safe and mind-opening experience that helped me access thoughts, desires, insights and general understanding that the ‘busyness' of my  daily work and life had obscured. It brought clarity, calm and warmth every time. And it was a joy to meet beautiful like-minded individuals that Maren attracts to her ceremonies and share the experience with them too. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for more creativity, clarity and love in their life." - Claudia


"Since I have met Maren my life has been cacao flavoured" - Giovanni


Gong Sound Journey...

"One of the most beautiful gifts I have given to myself.  Anything that can calm my monkey mind and its idle chatter is most welcome!  The Sound Journey did this subtlety and gently as the sounds are difficult for the mind to process, almost forcing it to surrender and ensuring the mind is quiet.  To be able to completely relax, unwind and let go was incredible.  I left the session with my mind, body and spirit feeling tranquil, at peace and lighter throughout the day.  Maren is an remarkable teacher, ensuring wellbeing and serenity through her calming voice and instruction.  This is something to be highly recommended and incorporated into anyone’s spiritual journey.  A huge blessing – thank you!!”  - Clair


"The river still winds and I hear its call. It was cold as ice and it cleansed us all.

We retreated into a place tucked far away. We let our light spill forth and passed our days.

As I reminisce of our journey there. I recall the fairies, gnomes and mermaid fairies.

Mother Mary surrounded us and we wept at her feet. The love in that space would be hard to repeat.

It was special and magical and made us aware. Our life is worthy and valuable and we were made to care.

We now step forth into the world of fire. Ready to douse the flames with love and inspire.

I closed my eyes and am whisked away. To the river, the women and the journey that day.

The day of water, light and carefree bare feet. The sun, the lake and the smiles so sweet.

Even though our time had ended and we had to part ways. You will always hold a special place as I remember those days.

Until we meet again dear Daughters of the Moon. Remember to care for your beautiful womb."

Poem by Anna Kuttner Cox from Sedona, USA written during our Daughters of the Moon Women's Retreat

in France 2018