The sacred plant medicine cacao (raw chocolate) has been used in ceremonies for 1000's of years mainly in South and Central America. It is said to be infused with spirit helping us to reconnect with our true essence and the nature surrounding us. 

The effects of cacao are heart opening, helping us to release feelings of guilt, shame, fear, not being good enough etc. We can finally let go of old relationships, grief and unhelpful behavioural patterns. 

A big part of the ceremony is sharing and working with healing intentions leading to clarity, increased trust and an uplifted, elevated emotional state. 

Cacao is gentle in a way that it lets YOU decide if you are ready to let go. Maybe just listening to other peoples' stories will help you make the necessary changes in your lives.

The aim of a Cacao Ceremony is to empower you to release that what doesn't serve you any longer and help you see and re-connect with what is truly important in your life.

Cacao compared to other plant medicines is easy to integrate. With cacao we can laugh, sing, dance, be creative, think, do yoga etc. and most importantly share our love and joy with each other. I work with ceremonial cacao from Guatemala, the home of my wonderful teacher Keith Wilson.

Purchase Keith's ceremonial cacao here and "join in on our kind of fun. Tada!!!!!!" 

I did not know what to expect from a cacao ceremony but knew that with Maren, who is such a wonderful guide, teacher and person, that it would be an amazing experience and it was. So much so, that I booked for all the cacao ceremonies she offered (and a private one!) while she was in London. I found the cacao ceremonies with Maren to be a magical, safe and mind-opening experience that helped me access thoughts, desires, insights and general understanding that the ‘busyness’ of my daily work and life had obscured. It brought clarity, calm and warmth every time. And it was a joy to meet beautiful like-minded individuals that Maren attracts to her ceremonies and share the experience with them too. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for more creativity, clarity and love in their life. - Claudia, London