For everyone who wants to live a healthy, happy and successful life. 

Are you at a point in your life where you are wondering what this is all about? Maybe you suddenly realised that you really don't care about your job anymore. Maybe your children just left home and that role "Mother" you have identified yourself with has fallen away. You might have lost someone; you have been or still are affected by a challenging illness. You are struggling and

you ask yourself:'is this really how I want to live my life?' 


Most of us go through this at some point of our lives. We find ourselves lost, disempowered and burnt out. The body would have given us subtle messages along the way to signalise that change is required. However more often than not we tend to ignore those messages. 

Change can be scary!

But don't worry, you can take it step by step. And remember it is never too late to start making those required changes, it is never too late to start doing Yoga and learn to meditate for example. It is never too late to dance and sing, to enjoy life again.

You don't need to be flexible. You might think, that you can't meditate....I assure you, you can! It all takes a little practice and there are so many ways to quieten the mind. You will see! 

Whatever it might be that brought you here, is a little nudge from the Universe to help you find a new appreciation for yourself and all the gifts and talents that are unique to you. 

Life is about joy and not suffering. By changing our way of thinking and learning a few tools that help us stay present, we can completely turn our lives around. We all have an Inner Teacher and what is needed is someone who helps us connect with this Teacher. 

I combine the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Sound Healing with Shamanic wisdom brought to us by connecting with our teachers and guides during ceremonial work. 

This transformative 6 week course will set you up for your new empowered life in which you choose love and joy over fear and doubts. 

Through listening and providing a safe space I will co-create with you a guiding Joyful Living Programme to help you find back to your strong, empowered and joyful Self.

This course can be condensed into one week in a retreat setting at a location of your choice. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this further


"What an inspiring and supportive 6 week course this was! Seeing Maren once a week was always an anchor and a highlight... doing this course came at a perfect time for me as I felt like I was stagnating with my daily practice and my growth. With the tools Maren shared with me, the daily kundalini practice and all of the ceremonies I truly feel I learnt a lot about myself and levelled up my inner stability, self love, and acceptance. Highly recommend this course, for whatever stage of life you are in, you will be guided right where you need to be." - Lucy Brooking, 24 years old


"I had a look at Marens website and learned about her and the work she was doing. I was particularly intrigued by her Joyful Living course. At first I felt that I probably wasn’t the right person for this, so after several hours and three visits to her website I decided to go for it and emailed her. It was the best thing I ever did! Meeting Maren has truly been a blessing, she has helped me to transform in ways I never imagined. I now understand that life is a magical adventure and I am living joyfully. As early as I can remember I had been stuck in a constant state of obsessive compulsiveness, fear, worry, anxiety, self doubt and incessant harsh self–criticism. I am amazed at how quickly I transformed into what my husband describes as a totally different person. I found the beautiful person I am. I understand the importance of treating myself with kindness, compassion and acceptance. Because I am kinder to myself it is so much easier to find the good in others, seeing through their anger, frustrations and fears to realise that they too are just experiencing those same crippling feelings I used to. I've found it much easier not to react to situations feeling now that so much just doesn’t matter at all when it used to have such a negative impact on my wellbeing. Maren has helped me to find pleasure in solitude, beauty in nature and peace within myself. Maren is a beautiful human, with boundless energy, being in her presence is richly rewarding and healing. If you are intrigued by the Joyful Living course just go for it, it will be the best thing you do for yourself." - Amanda Duke, 43 years old

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This could be your 6 week Joyful Living Course:

(Please note that This course can be condensed into one week in a retreat setting at a location of your choice) 

First Week

Consultation and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Class followed by a Gong Relaxation (1.30 hrs)

We will talk about your challenges in life and how to most effectively bring on positive change. This will be followed by a Yoga and Mediation class introducing your 40 day personal Kundalini Set and Meditation. The aim is for you to establish a daily spiritual practice. In Kundalini Yoga we believe, that we get the most benefits out of a set when we practise it for at least 40 days and with that you have a good chance to break one if not more of your 'negative' habits. 

Second Week 

We will discuss your individual programme and reflect on your first week's daily practice. This will be followed by a

Kundalini Meditation and a Shamanic Sound Journey (1.30 hrs) with the aim of further releasing blockages and limitations that are holding you back.

Third Week 

Womb Healing (2 hrs)

We will connect to the wisdom and guidance of our womb through meditation, shamanic journeying and other exercises that will help us to see the magic and power that lays within.

Mini- Vision Quest (2 hrs)

Alternatively this session could be a mini- vision quest where we connect with nature in a way that we might not have consciously done before in order to receive messages and insights for our healing journey. 

Fourth week

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with Gong Relaxation (1.30 hrs)

Fifth Week

Shamanic Cacao Ceremony (2 hrs) 

After more than 4 weeks practising Kundalini Yoga and Meditation daily there is no doubt that you will have touched on some hidden secrets, shadows have come up and things are out in the open. Great! That's exactly where I want you to be. This can sometimes be a little challenging, but I will be there to guide you through it. So, let those dark secrets, fears and doubts come up. Once you have recognised them and seen, why and when you have created them, they will lose their power.

In our Shamanic Cacao Ceremony you will acknowledge this, but also learn that it is ok and only human to have emotions like anger, envy, jealousy. This ceremony will help you to forgive ourselves and others. It will help you to see challenges from a different perspective and let go of your hang ups and self-limiting belief systems. This session will involve Inner Child Work.

Sixth week

Final consultation and one session of your choice (1.30 hrs)

We will meet for our final consultation and you have a choice of a Kundalini class or a Shamanic Sound Journey. 

This 6 week Joyful Living Course will take you on a deep and transformative journey. It is especially empowering, because of the introduction of self practice. You will find out, that you don't need me or anyone else to “heal or fix you”. Better than that: You are the one in charge!  And after these 6 weeks you will have plenty of tools that you can choose from when it is needed. 

This course is tailored for individuals. However if you would like to experience this work with your partner or a couple of close friends then this can be arranged. But please note, that a lot of sharing will be involved. And so more open and honest you are, so more powerful the work will be.  

No previous experience is required for this transformative work.