For everyone who wants to live a healthy, happy and successful life. 

Are you at a point in your life where you are wondering what this is all about? 

Maybe you realised that you really don't care about your job anymore.

Maybe your children just left home and that role "Mother" you have identified yourself with has fallen away.

You might have lost someone; you have been or you still are affected by a challenging illness.

And you are struggling.... 

you ask yourself:'is this really how I want to live my life?'

Most of us go through this at some point of our lives. We find ourselves lost, disempowered and burnt out. The body would have given us subtle messages along the way to signalise that change is required. However more often then not we tend to ignore those messages. 

Change can be scary.

But don't worry, you can take it step by step. And remember it is never too late to start making those required changes, it is never too late to start doing Yoga and learn to meditate for example. It is never too late to dance and sing! 

You don't need to be flexible. You might think, that you can't meditate. I assure you, you can! It all takes a little practice and there are so many ways to quieten the mind. You will see! 

Whatever it might be that brought you here, is a little nudge from the Universe to help you find a new appreciation for yourself and all the gifts and talents you have and that are unique to you. 

Life is about joy and not suffering. By changing our way of thinking and learning a few tools that help us stay present we can completely turn our lives around. We all have an Inner Teacher and what is needed is someone who helps us connect with this Teacher. 

My way of doing that is by combining the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Sound Healing with Shamanic wisdom brought to us by connecting with our ancestral wisdom and guides during ceremonial work.